Peace of Mind is All I Want...: January 2008

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Still pregnant

Officially one day overdue.

Not that I ever thought I'd have this baby early or ON my due date.

I went to the OB yesterday morning for my 40 week appointment. It seems I'm a bit more dilated but no other real changes. Still not contractions or anything so we're taking it day by day and I go back again on 1/24 for a follow up. At that appointment we'll do a non-stress test and depending on those results schedule an (gulp) induction.

I'm hoping I go into labor tonight. A. I want to meet our baby and B. I don't want to come to work on Monday. Cross your fingers for me, okay?


Friday, January 11, 2008

39 weeks (holy crap)

Had an OB appt yesterday with a different doctor. First off - I love her. I'm SO GLAD I'll see her again next week and fervently hope that she'll deliver my baby.

And all of my love for her isn't just because she told me that I'm 2 - 3cm dilated. I swear. She has an awesome bedside manner, is totally laid back and told me my "mellowness" will take me far in the next couple of weeks. She also told me I have the beginnings of a yeast infection and prescribed me a magic pill that will allegedly take it away quickly so it wasn't ALL sunshine and rainbows.

Thankfully my weight gain seems to have tapered off despite all of the crap I've been eating. Once I finish my last bite of Original Coffee Cake I swear I'm going to cut back on the pastries.

I'm definitely okay with still being pregnant although my patience is beginning to wear a bit. I want to meet my baby more than anything in the whole world but I don't want to pressure her into joining the world any sooner than she's ready.

Actually, that's a big, fat lie. I want her now :-)

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Friday, January 04, 2008

38 week appointment

This morning was my 38 week appointment. I saw a different OB since mine is officially out on maternity leave and I really liked her! She had the um...honor (ha!) of doing my first internal exam during which we discovered that I am probably going to be pregnant forever. I'm not dilated at all. Not effaced at all. In fact, my cervix is completely NOT in position. The good news is that the baby is head down and is fairly low in my pelvis. At least one thing is lined up properly :-)

I could tell the doctor felt bad sharing that news with me (especially after measuring my fundal height and determining that for the first time ever I'm actually measuring 2 weeks ahead) but I wasn't surprised at all. I'm still WAY too comfortable to feel like I'm remotely close to giving birth. The women in my family are known for going overdue - I've just assumed all along that I would as well.

In other news, the Group B Strep test was negative - woohoo! No antibiotics for me. We've also gotten just about everything done for the baby that we need to. Her laundry is done, her room is mostly put together and her carseat is installed properly. We have selected a pediatrician (reminder: must program that phone number into my cellphone) and we have a sliding week reserved at the dog camp for Tallulah.

We're just about ready - hopefully this little one is too!

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