Peace of Mind is All I Want...: November 2006

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back to the drawing board

An update since my previous post:

I am not pregnant. Again. Still.

The IUI didn't work but we haven't give up hope. I went back to the doc last week for another sonogram, etc. and everything looks good (which means, no cysts). I go back again tomorrow (a week without a visit to the doctor just isn't right) for the usual sonogram and office visit. She changed the days for the clomid and increased the dosage of estrace - hopefully that will do the trick. I think she'll tell me tomorrow when to schedule the next round of IUI. I'm hoping Monday is the day for the shot and Tues & Weds for the IUI.

More news:

Todd found out he's getting laid off on 12/15. The severance package is pretty sweet and it includes 3 months of COBRA so hopefully by the time that runs out we'll be pregnant. He found a new job pretty quickly and hopes to officially accept it today. I'm still pretty anxious - he's being cagey about things and is having a hard time getting through to the person that offered him the position. Hopefully by the end of the week everything will be resolved and all will be well.

I decided this morning that I should post more often. I will make a better effort.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

16 Days

In 16 days I will know whether or not I'm pregnant. Holy. Cow.

After 76,897,987,125 tests my RE suggested having an IUI. I talked to husband and we went for it! It was undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable procedures I've ever experienced but with luck it will be successful and I won't have to do it ever again.

It's crazy. I've been obsessed with getting pregnant for what seems like YEARS and now that it's hopefully upon us I'm riddled with doubts. Are we ready? What if Todd is laid off and we lose his income? Can we afford this? Will we make good parents? How on earth will be make good parents when we have so much to work on with our own relationship? Are we doing the right thing?

Chances are good that Todd is going to get laid off within the next week or so. I'm hoping they'll pay his insurance for a while because A. mine sucks and B. his fully covers all of these fertility treatments. We moved forward with the IUI specifically because it's fully covered but part of me wonders if it would have been smarter to wait a bit.


Well, in 16 days I will be taking a pregnancy test (unless I get my period) regardless of what happens with Todd and we'll either get lucky or not. Knowing my friend Murphy and his Law, I have no doubt that I'm knocked up and will give birth to no less then 8 babies. I'll have to go on bedrest for 32 of the 40 long weeks of pregnancy and none of those babies will sleep. Ever.

Do companies still donate supplies to people that have litters of children? I hope so!