Peace of Mind is All I Want...: Flexibility is the key to life

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Flexibility is the key to life

Today was supposed to be a quiet day at home getting things cleaned, running errands and chilling out. Audrey woke up on the wrong side of bed so that ended that plan quickly!

Instead we decided on an impromptu trip to get donuts, some running around at open gym then lunch. Finn usually naps between 9-9:30, especially if we happen to be in the car at that time. I was able to time things so that we hit the donut store right as he fell asleep. I loaded us up with treats and drinks then parked the car. I got Audrey out of her seat and brought her up front with me for some Audrey/Mama time. I love doing this. We chat, take camera phone pictures and she crawls all over the place and hangs out of the window. It rules. A little before gym time we got back to our proper seats and went to play.

I feel kind of bad. I don't have to pay for Finn until he's 1 but he enjoys the gym more then any of the paying kids there, I bet. He crawls all over the place including the balance beams. he LOOOOVVVES the gym girls. They're tall, blonde and pretty and the love him right back. It's sweet.

We decided to head over to Chik*fil*a after with Brandy and Hemrick (as Audrey says) for some chicken and "froop". Audrey played in the play area for a while and had a blast despite the big kids trampling over the little ones and making huge amounts of noise. She was very brave and only got a little bit freaked out at the end. I was a proud mama.

We came home, changed diapers and it was nap time. Not a word of protest from the girlie which was a nice change of pace. I'm hoping our afternoon isn't quite as busy. This mama is tired!

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