Peace of Mind is All I Want...: August 2010

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Quick documentation

I don't ever want to forget today.

We all woke in a good mood. Audrey went on the potty and ate her breakfast while I nursed Finn. While he napped Audrey and I played with her babies and colored Eventually we made our way to the park (with a stop at "The Farm" aka McD's for a juicebox and Diet Coke) to enjoy the glorious weather.

We met up with some friends and the kids played sweetly together. There was a small meltdown when it was time to leave but it was easily taken care of with some lunch.

Finn fell asleep in the car and actually transferred into my bed and fell back to sleep with some nursing. Audrey went right down for her nap without protest. Both kids (and Mama) had a decent nap and woke in a great mood.

Audrey and I had a girls only dinner at her favorite restaurant (IHOP). It was fantastic. She was sweet, a great listener and so funny. We had a chance to reconnect which I desperately needed.

Today was her first whole day in underpants. Only one accident - she totally rocked it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time Flies

Time flies when you have kids. I can't believe Finn will be 9 months this month. He's still a chunky monkey but is definitely slimming down now that he's constantly on the move.

We made it to the other side of the distractable while nursing stage. I can (pretty easily) get him to nurse just about anywhere now. It was getting really tough for a while there but I'm so glad we held on. I just went and nursed him at school and he was so sweet in his robot onesie with his crazy chubby leg flailing all around.

Finn has 4 teeth now - two he just got this weekend. His sleep has been a mess lately, now I know why!

Audrey is doing great too. She's such a big girl and is so sweet with her brother. We were at a hotel in Dallas this weekend - watching them chase each other around and wrestle made the drive to/from totally worth it.

My head is about to explode from this headache so this is going to be more brief then I intended. More later!