Peace of Mind is All I Want...: One month later...

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Monday, July 05, 2010

One month later...

Big changes folks!

First off Audrey is in a big girl bed. We're on day three and there has definitely been some drama but overall I think it's going to work out nicely. We can do her whole night night routine I. Her room now and get e guest room ready for Finn and me to move into later this month. It will be nice to get my dresser drawers back from Finn's clothes and get our closets and the rest of our lives more organized. I've been on a major organizational streak lately.

In other news Finn has two teeth and has started to eat a few solid foods. We're going the baby led weaning approach again and so far, so good. He had some turkey the other day and did a great Job moving the food around In his mouth and spitting out the piece that was too big. I think I'm in the minority but I hate the solid food stage. I wish I could nurse forever and KNOW that my kids were getting exactly what they need nutritionally.

Finn is pulling himself up on anything that will stand still. He's as fast as a rocket (as Audrey says) when he crawls and anything he finds on the floor is fair game to put in his mouth. I'm working with Audrey to keep her little toys up on the table so Finn doesn't get sick and we're making some progress. It's tough to be a big girl sometimes.

We have a fair bit of traveling coming up. I'm taking both kids to visit my family at the end of this month then we're heading to Irving as a family in August for a baseball game and so I van check out a hotel for work. It should be fun!


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