Peace of Mind is All I Want...: October 2009

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting closer

It's unfathomable to me how quickly time is passing. We're just about at the end of October which means that we're going to be a family of four within the next 6 weeks. I think I'm officially 36 weeks along give or take a few days but the idea that I could have a new baby NEXT MONTH is crazy.

Still on our to do list:
Attempt to put the infant seat in my car to see if we can hold off a few more months on getting the van

Assemble crib and figure out where in the heck to put it. Buy mattress for crib.

Pack bag for birth center.

Take Bradley refresher class (scheduled for next weekend).

Find breast pump/bag/cords/etc. Order replacement parts.

Wrap up loose ends at work.

Not too much to do, luckily. We have diapers. I have breasts. Everything else is gravy, right?

I had a midwife appointment on Weds. and we discovered that this guy is sunny side up. That certainly explains the back pain I've been having. I have some exercises to help encourage him to flip over - we'll see! I'm just glad he's head down. I'm on the weekly plan as far as appointments go now. There are still 2 midwives I haven't met - I've really liked everyone so far, hopefully these too as well. I got a little mushy at my last appointment talking about labor and nursing a newborn. I'm really looking forward to getting to know this baby.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Best day ever (well, in a while)

Today was wonderful. And no just because I redeemed my Mother's Day spa gift certificate.

Audrey woke twice last night and was so super snuggley that it was a pleasure to rock her back to sleep. She slept in until after 8 (a very rare occurance) and was still snuggley. We cuddled in bed while she drank her smoothie and watched "a monkey show" until it was time to get dressed. We headed back up to her room and danced to her "nudik" (music) and played silly games. She wanted her pillows out of her crib so we could play night night. I love how she tells me to pit my head down then "wake up more, mama". She started to tell me sweet dreams - I burst into tears, of course. We had a blast playing. I love when Miss A is so chatty and sweet. It was a perfect morning.

I left for my masssage and had a wonderful time being pampered. I stopped for some dinner (alone!) on my way home. Heavenly!

As I pulled into our driveway I was Audrey and Todd playing across the street. Audrey caught sight of me and RAN across the street to see me. My heart melted on the spot. I pushed her in her swing and we played a bit outside. We went back in and shared a banana (I sliced it for her but she wanted to share) and got ready for her bath. She's just so SWEET, I can hardly take it. After our usual pj and night night routine I rocked her for a bit and sang together. Her latest fave is rock a bye baby - we'd get to the end and she'd say "rockababy again!". Sigh. I put her in her crib her and rolled onto her belly and told me sweet dreams again. I could hear her playing on the monitor until she drifted off to sleep.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Status quo

There isn't really anything new to report. I'm just about 34 weeks. We bought tiny diapers for the new guy. Audrey is fantastic despite reminding us what having a newborn in the house overnight is like. She's been skipping her nap the past 4 days and waking up several times at night. Poor kid is finally getting her canines/insisors, I imagine that has a lot to do with it.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday who assured me that my emotions surrounding baby #2 and the guilt I'm feeling are completely normal. No need for chemical assistance. She suggested that I take better care of myself and do something to recharge. Luckily, I have a gift card to a local dayspa that I received for Mother's Day and I plan to do just that on Saturday :-) Massage, facial, mani/pedi and some waxing. Can't wait!