Peace of Mind is All I Want...: 9 months (and some change)

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Friday, October 31, 2008

9 months (and some change)

Audrey turned 9 months 2 weeks ago. She just had her official appointment yesterday. Stats:

20lbs, 10 oz
27 1/2 inches
Cuter then a button

We're still at the same practice but we've switched to another doctor. He's very grandfatherly but not in a stick in the mud kind of way. No pressure about the vaccines we've skipped/delayed. He's totally encouraging about extended nursing. He's thoughtful about medication he prescribes (different topical gel for the bad eczema patches - one that's actually approved for pediatric usage!). And he talks to my kid! Audrey's favorite thing is paper. When he was writing down her stats, etc. for us she was grabbing at his notepad. He ripped off an extra piece of paper, wrote a smiley face on it and gave it too her. I think she might have fallen a little bit in love with him. I know I did. (it really is the little things, isn't it?)

Audrey now has 6 teeth. She can stand and walk around holding onto furniture/the dog/anything in her path. She says "mama" and means it (picture my heart melting into a puddle). She's still super cuddley. I miss her like crazy every minute I'm not with her.

Which brings me to my next point: I'm really struggling with work. I hate it. I have no interest in my job anymore at all. I took this position almost 3 years ago because it would be the perfect, low stress job for a mom. I was right about that but what I didn't consider is that it would take so long to BE a mom and that I would practically expire from boredom in the meantime. I used to work at a fancy hotel downtown as an event planner for super large/fancy conventions - now I plan crummy old educational seminars with nary a bottle of wine to be found. I don't miss the crazy hours and the panicked phone calls in the middle of the night from my clients but I do miss being interested in my work. In a perfect universe there is a part time or even seasonal job out there where I could dabble a bit in something more creative but still have a few days a week free to hang out with my kid. I need to get cracking on that sooner rather then later.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


At 10/31/08, 1:46 PM , Blogger Larisa said...

Oh, I envy the "mama". We're not there yet, but we are mobile, mobile, mobile.

Your former profession makes me wonder if you know my best friend - she's an event planner who seems to know everyone.

At 11/4/08, 7:15 PM , Blogger Samantha said...

What a great pediatrician!

Good luck on the job front - everyone seems to have trouble balancing work and family.

At 11/5/08, 11:59 AM , Blogger Kate said...

She IS cute as a button!!


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