Peace of Mind is All I Want...: More developmental stuff

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

More developmental stuff

On walking: she's totally doing it! Not 100% but more and more every single day. Her first steps were on Feb. 1 and she took about 8 of them. Caught me (and her) totally by surprise. Apparently it was too overwhelming because there were no more steps until 2/16. Crawling is still much faster, especially when chasing the dog but she's walking every single day now, on all kids of surfaces. Nana is going to freak out when she sees this action :-)

Sleeping is getting better too (knock on wood). We're still nursing in the glider before bedtime. She'll finish and actually point to the crib to tell me that she's ready to go to sleep. She did that at bedtime and again after she woke at 12:30 AM. Sweet!

In some not so sweet news, we're heading to the eye doctor in a couple of weeks. I suspect that she has a lazy eye based on some photos I took. We post daily pictures on another blog of sorts for our families to keep up with us. I noticed that her eyes are kind of wonky in several of the pictures I've captioned with comments about how tired she was at that time. I've always had crummy vision/issues with my left eye so it's not a total shock but I was hoping she got her daddy's 20/20. I'm optimistic because we caught this SO early. I'm pretty proud of myself for knowing my girlie so well that I spotted it so soon. Please keep your fingers crossed that we get good news from the doctor.

In TTC news, I'm going to give the old OPKs a shot this cycle. If I can remember how the timing works with those suckers. I'm not ready for RE appointments/meds yet so I'm trying to keep this low key for a few cycles.


At 3/5/09, 9:25 PM , Blogger PCOSMama said...

Congrats on the walking!
Good luck on both the eye appointment and the OPKs!

At 3/13/09, 7:33 AM , Blogger Karen said...

Good luck with the eye appointment - Sam has strabismus, as do I. It's actually a terrifically easy thing to fix, so of all the things to be wrong? This is a good one.

There's also a very common issue with kids called "pseudo-strabismus" which simply corrects itself, so don't freak out yet. HONEST! :)


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