Peace of Mind is All I Want...: 2008

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Dear Audrey,

2008 was quite a year for you.  

January - you came into my life on Sunday, January 20 and life hasn't been the same since.  (duh)  Some of my fondest memories are of you, so teeny tiny, snuggled up against my chest.  The first couple of weeks of your life FLEW by.  We had a constant stream of visitors all wanting to see you.  

February - was much calmer.  Your daddy's birthday is on 2/6.  It wasn't a big year for him from a birthday standpoint but really, what better gift could he ask for?  About halfway through February we were on our own (finally!) and settled into a nice groove with one another.  Luckily, Sonic instituted a "Happy Hour" special from 2 - 4 PM each day.  Half priced sodas!!  That insured that we got out of the house at least once a day :-)  I got my first real smile from you in February.

March - you took your first plane ride in March!  We went to Pittsburgh to visit everyone over St. Patrick's day weekend.  You attended your first wedding and everyone was smitten with you.  Naturally.  You started giggling in March.  It's still my favorite sound.  Your daddy gave you your first ever bottle.  I cried.

April - was another big month.  I took you to the movies for the first time.  I saw "21" and had chicken fingers.  You slept.  We had your baptized toward the end of the month and you met even more family.  It was a wonderful weekend!

May - you started daycare and I started back to work on May 1st.  This was very difficult for me even with the 2 extra weeks of maternity leave my boss gave me.  Luckily, we found a wonderful, small daycare center that is right across the street from my office.  I'm able to visit you at lunch which I look forward to all day.  We play for a little bit and I nurse you.  I'm so glad my schedule permits this because even today you're not a fan of taking a bottle.  It took until July before you'd even give it a try at school.

June - we went to Pittsburgh again.  This time to visit Nana before she had her hip replaced.  You sat up all by yourself for the first time while we were there.  We took another vacation at the end of the month, this time to Rhode Island to meet even MORE family.  These plane rides were definitely not as easy as the previous flights.  Sitting still on my lap is a thing of the past.

July - we were still in RI for the first few days.  It was a nice, relaxing visit.  We went to a polo match and walked along some beautiful cliffs.  I even left you (sleeping) for a half hour with Grandma Katy for the first time :-)  From Rhode Island we went to Pittsburgh (again) for Kelly Rose's wedding.  You wore the pinkest, fluffiest dress ever.  Your daddy bought it for you before you were even born :-)  At the end of the month you got your first 2 teeth!

August - your daddy had to go to California for work for a week!  He missed you a ton so we made sure we took lots of pictures.  He bought back so many presents for you.  Mostly dresses.  You had your first ever bite of real food - bananas.  You were very unimpressed.  After that we tried broccoli and sweet potatoes.  Those seemed more pleasing to your taste buds.  We went to the pool a couple of times in August and you had a blast!

September - we went to Miami in September over Labor Day weekend.  Grandma Katy had such a fun time playing with you.  We went for a swim at the country club and you were charming to everyone.  Of course.  You also watched your first football game at a local restaurant/bar and we met daddy's friends.  You got 2 more teeth in September and started crawling all over the place.

October - we went to Pittsburgh (again) for your new cousin Auggie's christening.  I'm pretty sure that will be the last time I fly with you by myself - you're a handful in all the best ways!  You said "mama" for the first time while we were there.  Love!!  You're a speed crawler now and will pull up to standing and shout out with excitement.  I didn't think you could get any cuter but you went and surprised me.  We took you to the pumpkin patch and dressed you up like a bunny for Halloween.  Grandma Katy came out to visit and is still crazy about you!

November - you added "ball" and "dada" to your vocabulary.  Grandma took you to the park and you rode in a swing and loved it!  Your crazy mom and dad took you to New York City.  Lots of firsts there: taxi ride, subway ride, 4 star dining.  It was lots of fun.  You're pulling up everywhere and creeping all around holding onto the furniture.  You "sing" and laugh all the time.

December - you had your first fever and ear infection this month.  Boo!  You're chattering up a storm and have added "night night", "Elmo" (daycare) and "oh no" to your vocabulary.  You have 7 teeth now.  You can stand for half a minute or so all by yourself - it's hard to believe that only 11 months ago you were so small.  We flew to Miami for Christmas this year and spent a week in the sun!  Grandma Katy really enjoyed having you there and had a wonderful time playing with you.  

Today is the last day of the most wonderful year of my life.  My sweet girl is upstairs sleeping and I can't wait to hold her tight and tell her how much I love her. 

Happy New Year, everyone.  This one is going to be hard to top. 


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