Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Friday, February 27, 2009

I've been having trouble writing lately. Time has been short and my words seem so inadaquate when it comes to describe how rich my life is with my daughter.

Today was an office day so that means Audrey went to daycare. As usual, I went to visit/nurse her at lunch. When she was finished I got down on the floor to play with her. She was frantically pointing and asking for 'mo (Elmo - I'm not a fan but they have one at DC and she freaking loves the furry red guy). I gave her 'mo and the smile on her face could have lit the world. Her and C. (another little girl in her room) took turns shouting with join and bouncing up and down. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. C. moved onto something else so Audrey decided to commandeer the rocking chair and she pushed/rocked it, squealing with delight. My words make the occasion seem so commonplace and normal which I suppose it is/was but that's part of the magic of this little girl. Little things like watching her rock that chair like a madwoman are what make my day.

Yesterday we had a sort of conversation as I picked her up. She was in one of the highchairs snacking on some O's. I got her out of the chair when she was finished and gave her a few squeezes. She pointed to the chair we sit in to nurse and shouted "na na! Mama! na na!" which is code for "please nurse me". My heart was in a puddle at her feet.

I'm not a great writer but I need to forget about that and record these memories despite that. My lack of eloquence and choppy sentence strucuret won't be important 20 years from now but having these memories will.


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