Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Dear Audrey,

Tomorrow is a big day - you're going to daycare for the first time. Mama doesn't go back to work until Thursday but we're going to do a test run or two hoping that will help prevent a major breakdown at the office.

You're going to have a great time at school! The ladies there are so nice and can't wait to hold you and rock you. There's another little girl starting around the same time - maybe you'll be best friends. I've been worrying about dropping you off and fretting when I think about you crying and me not being there to comfort you. What if you have trouble taking a bottle? Or falling asleep in a pack N play all by yourself? Most of all I worry about you not being held. But then I look at your little face and your open mouthed gummy smile - how on earth could anyone NOT want to pick you up and cuddle you? You are the most precious thing in the world!

So tomorrow, school in the morning while Mama goes to the grocery store. I'll pick you up around 1 PM (if I can last that long) and we'll go to the movies. You can sit on my lap and we'll snuggle, letting the characters on the screen take my mind away from the next time I drop you off.


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