Peace of Mind is All I Want...: Sweet, sweet relief

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sweet, sweet relief

That loud sigh of relief you heard at approximately 9:30 AM was me. My baby is okay. Better then okay - my baby is PERFECT.

He/she was moving around like a maniac. His little hearting was thumping away at 167 bpm. I have never felt joy like that before. It brings me to tears when I think about it.

I have the whole thing on video and she gave me a couple of pictures as well.

As an added bonus I got a pap and a breast exam. Woot!

I go back on Wednesday for the NT screen then I see my RE on Thursday for what will hopefully be my (sniff, sniff) last appointment.

I'm on the top of the world today!

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At 6/21/07, 10:00 AM , Blogger Melissa said...

Yay, yay, yay! Thank you God! That is wonderful news!

At 6/21/07, 10:27 AM , Blogger Carey & Steph said...

Yeah!!! So glad to hear everything is going well!! :)

At 6/21/07, 11:12 AM , Blogger Diana said...

YAY! YAY! YAY!!! That must be a wonderful feeling!

At 6/21/07, 11:17 AM , Blogger Andria and Co. said...

hooray! When my RE told me that the next visit would be the last, I honestly felt like I was breaking up with a boyfriend. This guy had got me pregnant... and then he was kicking me out? Everytime I drive past his office, I get a little misty.

BTW- I am wondering if we have any docs in common here in Austin!

At 6/21/07, 11:52 AM , Blogger Samantha said...

Yay for you and your baby! I'm relieved too that everything's okay!

At 6/21/07, 2:30 PM , Blogger decemberbaby said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!


I am so excited for you... you're really having a baby! How cool is that?

At 6/21/07, 7:30 PM , Blogger My Reality said...

Great news!

At 6/22/07, 7:28 AM , Blogger serenity said...

Awesome, awesome news!!! WOO HOO!

At 6/24/07, 12:44 PM , Blogger Karen said...

fantastic! Yay yay yay!!

At 6/25/07, 11:20 AM , Blogger Kate said...

That is great news!!

At 6/27/07, 8:07 AM , Blogger MBRox said...

so happy for you! is that not the best sound in the world?


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