Peace of Mind is All I Want...: 8 Random Things

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

8 Random Things

Samantha at Southern Infertility tagged me to share eight random things. Here goes:

1. I've only recently started to like orange juice. I prefer to have it blended with tangerine juice and pulp free but that's still a huge step from my previous non orange juice drinking self.

2. I don't eat any kind of food on a bone. Ever.

3. My sister is my best friend in the whole world. It wasn't always that way but as soon as I left for college we got super duper close.

4. I sing. Badly. All the time. My husband mostly thinks it's funny.

5. I watch entirely too much television. Especially corny programs on the CW. I'm devastated that Veronica Mars has been cancelled.

6. I'm secretly very, very annoyed with a good friend who has been too busy to get together with our group since she got herself a boyfriend. Another member of our circle has just moved back to town and we're all getting together as a group for the first time over a year and she has to check her schedule to see if she has a run scheduled for the marathon she's training for. Stupid or am I over-reacting.

7. I'm in Chicago for work this week and I can't bring myself to leave the hotel so I've had room service for the past 2 nights. Pathetic but I'm SO tired.

8. I'm terrified of birds.



At 5/17/07, 6:08 PM , Blogger My Reality said...

Room service is good. Take advantage of it!

At 5/17/07, 7:27 PM , Blogger PCOSMama said...

If you've never been to Chicago before, I recommend finding time to get out on the town. I can't think of any specific restaurants to recommend, because I never really went downtown to eat, but it's a great city. Ask at the front desk and they can probably suggest somewhere nearby with any type of food you want!

At 5/17/07, 7:29 PM , Blogger Chris said...

I used to live in Chicago which is why I'm extra ticked at myself for not having the energy/inclination to do anything. I know what I'm missing!!!

I suck.

At 5/18/07, 6:33 AM , Blogger Samantha said...

Hey, I think you have a good reason to be tired! Room service works for that.

At 5/21/07, 6:21 AM , Blogger Baby Blues said...

I love OJ, it's my primary source of Vit C. I love any kind of fresh fruit juice.

Interesting 8...

At 5/21/07, 11:29 AM , Blogger Carey said...

About the birds... is it all birds? Or just certain ones? I'm afraid of the big ones, like macaws. I've been attacked by two of them. I hate those damn birds with their big scary beaks! I won't get near them now. I used to manage a pet store and had to clip the wings of parakeets... those little f*ckers like to bite too!! I had to wear gloves. I guess I don't like birds much either :) I only like them outside, flying around doing their thing... not as a pet.


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