Peace of Mind is All I Want...: 25 weeks

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Friday, August 14, 2009

25 weeks

15 (ish) weeks until we’re a family of four. Holy hell. That REALLY put things in perspective for me.

I had a midwife appointment this morning and all is well. I got a brief lecture about my food diary, namely the two Diet Cokes I had this week. That was it, really. BP, weight, heartbeat are all terrific. I’ll have the glucose test at my next appointment. Yippee.

Audrey is fantastically hilarious lately. I’m sure I’ve gone on and one about her singing before but you have to understand – it’s amazing to me. I *LOVE* hearing her little voice in the back seat singing her hybrid version of every song she knows plus some made up ones. It warms both my heart and soul and I hope she never, ever stops. She’s still obsessed with coloring (color? Color?) and anything potty related (I pee? I big girl!). She hasn’t DONE anything on the potty but she sure enjoys sitting on it, wiping herself, flushing and waving bye-bye. The whole process culminates in an arms flung in the air “I big girl!” It’s hilarious.

Last night we were getting ready for bed. She poked her daddy in the belly then pointed at my belly. She said her version of brother (brudder) and rested her head on my stomach like she was trying to listen to something. That was followed up with a smooch and lots of happy tears on my face. I occasionally have a hard time remembering that giving her a younger sibling is NOT a bad thing. <3

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At 8/14/09, 3:48 PM , Blogger PCOSMama said...

Giving her a younger sibling is definitely NOT a bad thing! Despite the bickering and all the "no that's mine" from my daughter, she absolutely adores her little brother!


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