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Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I must be blind.

How on earth did I just notice today that my OB is pregnant? Maybe scrubs are more forgiving then regular clothes? I feel like an idiot.

My OB is due a week before I am. I'm not at all concerned about her not being there to deliver my baby because:

A. I will hopefully go into labor spontaniously when Audrey is ready to be born therefore making it impossible to know who the "on call" OB is at the hospital

B. Unless my doula is lying to me the L&D nurses are far more important to the process then the OB.

With that said, I AM a smidge concerned about my prenatal care. My OB gave me 2 options - stick it out with her until she isn't working any longer or start rotating through the rest of the docs in the practice. I really, really like my OB. She has a rep for being more open minded with regards to "natural" childbirth then some of the other docs. I feel comfortable with her and think that I prefer to stick it out with her until the end. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy.

I suppose I'm afraid to share my birth dreams/wishes with another doctor who is going to put down my thoughts. Additionally, there are more doctors in the practice then I have appointments so what's the point in meeting SOME of them if I'm not going to be able to meet ALL of them? Do I want to run the risk of completing my birth plan only to have my next appointment being with Dr. Let's Schedule Your C Section Now?

I don't know. I've never done this before. Any readers have any been there, done that experiences that will help me get my head on straight? Please?



At 10/30/07, 5:25 PM , Blogger PCOSMama said...

I ended up being induced, then ended up with a c-section on top of that, so as far as natural childbirth I can't really say. But, from my experience, it doesn't matter what doctor delivers you. The way my clinic works is that you usually only see nurses until your 36 weeks, then you'll see a couple doctors, but odds are still that you won't have met the one delivering you.

If you make sure that your birth plan/wishes/whatever are in your chart and carry a couple copies with you, you should be ok. Make your husband aware of them as well, maybe give him a copy for his wallet, then when you get to the hospital and are in labor, you can give a copy to the doctor and head nurse. As long as you make your wishes known, they should do their best to honor them.

BTW, I say if you are that happy with your OB, stick with her. Maybe she'll be able to deliver Audrey... and if not, deal with it then.


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