Peace of Mind is All I Want...: The 9DPO cry-fest

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The 9DPO cry-fest

I'm in a miserable mood today. My temperature was a f-ed due to the 30* weather and a stubborn husband who won't turn on the heat. 30 degrees in Austin, TX in april - that's messed up. Had the circumstances of waking up this morning been perfect I still think my temperature would have plummeted. I'm not feeling it at all.

Scrolling back through previous charts and blogs 9DPO seemss to be the day that Hope takes some PTO and leaves me along with Doubt. I really need too keep an eye on how they're scheduling their time next cycle. Hope is a hard worker and all but Doubt really pulls through at the end. Doubt is definitely reigning supreme in our hosehold today, that's for sure.

My breasts stopped hurting, my mood shifted, I'm pretty sure my temperature shifted and I don't feel as bloated as I had previously. Same symptoms for the past 6 cycles and they've all resulted in the same conclusion. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where this is headed.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe my hopes will rise again for the next few days before Doubt (and my period) come crashing down and thrusting me into even greater disappointment. Just like always.

I really need some cheering up. Thank goodness for silly dogs and chocolate covered pretzels (to be enjoyed separately).

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At 4/8/07, 11:23 AM , Blogger Karen said...

I'm still here rooting for you with hope, not doubt.

At 4/8/07, 11:27 AM , Blogger Adrienne said...

Waking up in a freezing bedroom would make anyone's temp take a nose-dive, so don't despair yet. It's not over until the fat lady shows up in her red dress!

At 4/8/07, 1:14 PM , Blogger My Reality said...

I am sure the weather will change fast. If there is anything I remember from living in Texas it is that if you blink, they weather can change!

I hope that the doubt has no reason to show up.


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