Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What a crazy couple of days it's been!

My mother, sister and nephew (AKA: the cutest baby boy on the planet) flew into town on Weds. We had a blast! I can't believe how different Leo is from when I saw him at Christmas. There is a world of difference between 6 months and 9 months in babyland, huh? I've never been so sad as I was dropping Michele & Leo off at the airport Sunday morning. I've always been close to my sister but we've never been overly demonstrative with each other. She hugged me and told me she loved me when we were saying goodbye - that alone was a HUGE step but then she texted me and said "I miss you already". Sob! I love my sister.

My poor husband was informed on Thursday that his employer was closing the doors and he wouldn't have a job. Stupid mortgage industry. Fortunately our insurance is through my employer and COBRA so there aren't any worries about that but now he's back to job hunting again and there's not a lot out there. Ugh.

In better news my insides look awesome! I had an RE appointment Fri., Mon., & today and things look great! I was worried that I ovulated last night because of the stabby pain in where I think my right ovary is located, a ton of EWCM yesterday afternoon and a crazy temperature spike this morning but after my sonogram today they assured me that wasn't the case. So I got my trigger shot and scheduled an IUI for tomorrow and Thursday. Yippee. I have an acupuncture appointment after the IUI on both days - I'm looking forward to that.

I have five good follicles. A 20mm on each side and 2 17's and an 18 on the left side. Lining is measuring 12.9 - good stuff!

My good luck bracelet has been a fixture on my wrist since it arrive last week. I must plan better the next time I need a good luck charm. I love my bracelet but the jaggedy edges of the stones leave crazy marks on my face when I sleep. That's not cool.

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At 3/27/07, 5:35 PM , Blogger PCOSMama said...

Wow, 5 good follicles! And a nice thick lining too! Sounds like you could have a BFP in your future! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I know so many people in the 2 week wait right now we could have a really big internet celebration coming up soon if we all get BFPs!

Good luck at your IUIs!

At 3/27/07, 11:01 PM , Blogger Adrienne said...

Five follicles! That's wonderful. Good luck on the upcoming IUI.

At 3/29/07, 5:38 PM , Blogger Melissa said...

Yay! Sounds great so far!


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