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Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Monday, April 16, 2007


Opinions wanted.

My H & I saw my doctor this morning. We're doing our last IUI this cycle and we wanted to talk to her about what next. She does not do IVF (she's "only" an E, not an RE) but she refers her patients to a clinic in San Antonio (about an hour from here). The nice thing is that I'd continue to see her for all of the monitoring, bloodwork, etc. I'd see Dr. Milton (clinic #1 - for an initial consult and for the ER & ET. I really like where I am, I feel comfortable there. I love her staff. I'm just afraid that she's missing something. I've been seeing her since August 2006 and we've struck out everytime.

So I have another appointment with a local clinic. (clinic #2 - Literally around the corner from my office. The doctor I'll be seeing has a rep for being rather arrogant but very successful.

My appointment with #2 is on 5/30. No appointment yet for #1.

Assuming this cycle will be a bust, I should start my period around 5/7. An appointment on 5/30 will be too late to do anything with that cycle, right?

Why can't just one thing be easy? One thing?!?!

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At 4/16/07, 7:56 PM , Blogger Adrienne said...

None of this is easy. If I were in your shoes, I'd see both of them and then decide who I was most comfortable with. In our case, we picked the clinic that had the most experience in the area we needed (IVF with PGD) and the doctor who we "clicked" with - a stroke of good luck that we found both in the same clinic.

Yes, seeing both will mean a month or more of more waiting, but better to find someone you feel comfortable with from the start, than having to change doctors/clinics in mid-stream.

Good luck!

At 4/16/07, 10:08 PM , Blogger PCOSMama said...

I agree with Adrienne. I would do my best to get appointments at both clinics around the end of May so you can make your decision without missing more than one cycle, with any luck. Make a list of questions for both doctors based on what is most important to you (success rates, techniques, how closely the doctor themselves is involved with each patient rather than having the nurses do everything, what it would take to have a cycle canceled, how aggressive they are, things like that). After you've seen both, sit down and compare their answers as well as your initial perception of them.

BTW, I live just outside San Antonio! Small world!

At 4/17/07, 5:32 AM , Blogger Baby Blues said...

I hope this IUI works and you wouldn't have to move up to the major league. But it's good to plan ahead. It gives me some control over the situation. If you must proceed, take your time and don't feel rushed. If you have to take a break to rejuvenate before moving up, go ahead. I agree with Adrienne, it's important to "click" with your doctor. Good luck!

At 4/17/07, 9:12 AM , Blogger Carey said...

I second what Adrienne said... you want someone you feel comfortable with and trust. If you don't trust them, you'll just second guessing everything they do and you'll be more stressed out than you need to be.

At 4/18/07, 7:50 PM , Blogger The Town Criers said...

Can I weigh in with assvice? I think the emotional connection counts for a lot. If you like this office, I would go with #1. We were at the top office with the top doctor and we still struck out a lot. So, as Adrienne says--better to start out with someone you like.

Here is the mojito--oh, and once I start charting, it is a sickness. I haven't charted in two years and now I think I'm forgetting the thermometer every morning because it's sort of like "what's the point". My RE is going to toss aside the info anyway and simply go for the blood work. Sigh. But once you start, you can't stop. It is addictive. It just gives you a little piece of info every day to obsess over.


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