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Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Yesterday was a not so pleasant day in my household. My friend Ashley was generous enough to share a stomach bug so I spent all day in bed fighting the fever (and worse). I feel a bazillion times better today but now that the bug has passed I'm back to obsessing.

I'm 6 DPO. I think this is the absolute worse part of the cycle. It's too late to be excited about ovulating and too early to have any kind of concrete evidence of being pregnant (or not) - it's purgatory.

Have I mentioned there are three pregnancy tests in my house? As an avid non-tester I'm not sure why I bought them. But since I have them, I might as well use them - right? I've seen people on various message boards test as early as 9DPO - I think that's insane. And I think they're crazy. My LP is at least 15 days long and often 16. WWYT? (when would you test, of course)


At 3/8/07, 9:20 AM , Blogger Watson said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your nice comment!

Sending you good wishes for this cycle and hoping you get good news.

In terms of POAS, I am always the worst...saying I won't test and then doing it way too early.

I finally stopped buying the sticks b/c I just had no self control.

You sound much stronger that that



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