Peace of Mind is All I Want...: Cautiously Optimistic

Peace of Mind is All I Want...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cautiously Optimistic

My husband and I did another round of IUI this cycle and I have myself 99.9% convinced that I'm pregnant. Symptoms:

* Exhausted
* No appetite (I'm normally STARVING at this point in my cycle)
* Sore back
* Sore breasts

And most tellingly:
* Painfully sore, constantly hard nipples

Wicked uncomfortable.

So I'm chilling (watching Season 1 of my new most favorite TV show Veronica Mars) until Friday when I can take a pregnancy test. Or Thursday - afterall, I did buy the "early response" tests. The current plan (in my head) is to take one tomorrow, one Friday and one Saturday.

This would be the best f-ing Christmas ever.


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